Just here to break cycles.


  • PORT: Legislation to make telecommuting a civil right under Title VII
  • Five Minute Fit: Featherweight business reorg process using binary 360┬░ feedback
  • How Do You Do?: Podcast examining the cultural nuance in our mundane behaviors
  • Tunnel: Screenplay for a mass hysteria & domestic terrorism allegory


  • Telekinetic: Podcast on the destruction and replacement of human movement
  • Origin: Trivia-based debate game where revisionist history wins
  • Future Of Work: Evangelizing systemic telecommuting and virtual productivity innovation


  • Rogue Trip:┬áClandestine experiment in remote work while traveling the U.S. (featured in HuffPo)
  • Future Of Mobility: Analyzing self-driving cars and transit tech on Medium and Forbes
  • Mobiliti.us: Human-centered design workshop building an inclusive transportation future
  • A Walk In The Park: Botany video series teaching New Yorkers to look around for a change
  • Vandal: Tag-based local search empowering local business and digitizing tribal knowledge
  • Ask Five Whys: Debate podcast somewhere between Socrates and a seven-year-old
  • Continuum: Low-fi debate podcast challenging definition and identity
  • KarmaFile: Universal employability score built to overcome hiring bias and weak management