Future Of Work: Publications


  • [Qatalog] What “redistribution of credit” means for corporate culture
  • [DistantJob] Why Some Managers Fail To Lead Remote Teams
  • [Qatalog] The hottest trend in corporate culture is documentation
  • [Qatalog] Speaking truth to the myth of nonverbal communication
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  • [Qatalog] When it comes to the workday, aim for better, not fewer
  • [Qatalog] Workload management: The snowball and the meteor
  • [Self: Data] 75% of work performed in the office is already virtual
  • [Qatalog] How sound could drive better (and fewer) meetings
  • [Self: Podcast] Transportation Avoidance And Its Impact On The Built Environment
  • [Startup Grind] Office Collaboration Is A Lie
  • [Self: Concept] 1. Build A Better Conference Call Tool. 2. Fire Management.
  • [Forbes.com] Telecommuting Breaks Transportation, Pt. 5: Tragedy Of the Commons
  • [Forbes.com] Telecommuting Breaks Transportation, Pt. 4: Path Dependence
  • [Forbes.com] Telecommuting Breaks Transportation, Pt. 3: House Money
  • [Forbes.com] Telecommuting Breaks Transportation, Pt. 2: Downforce
  • [Forbes.com] Telecommuting Breaks Transportation, Pt. 1: False Positives
  • [OneZero] Don’t Let America Go Back to Work Without Telecommuting Rights
  • [The Startup] How An Obscure State Law Could Pave The Way For Telecommuting Rights


  • [Remote Work Movement] PORT and how countries need to adapt to the Remote Work reality
  • [Owl Labs] Why Telecommuting and Remote Work Should Be a Legal Right
  • [Self: Concept] Five Minute Fit: featherweight business reorg process with binary 360° feedback
  • [Forbes.com] Instead Of Walking Out For #ClimateStrike, Try Not Walking In
  • [Forbes.com] Remote Work Is Mobility’s Forgotten Miracle
  • [Self: Legislation] The PORT Act: Telecommuting as a civil right under Title VII
  • [Huffington Post] How We Traveled Across America For A Year Without Telling Our Bosses